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West Nile Virus is in Napa County

The first bird in Napa County in 2014 tested positive for the West Nile Virus. Residents are asked to report dead birds and squirrels to (877) WNV-BIRD. Protect yourself with the 3 Ds.

Find out more from Public Health
Información sobre el Virus del Nilo Occidental

Health Alert

Health Officer issues pertussis alert

Napa County has one of the highest rates of pertussis (whooping cough) in the Bay Area. Make sure your child’s vaccines are up to date. Pregnant women and anyone with close contact to infants under 6 months should get a Tdap booster shot.

Information for healthcare providers
Info on pertussis for community members
Información sobre pertusis (la tos ferina) para miembros de la comunidad

FY 2014 2015 budget cover

2014-2015 Recommended Budget

Staff's recommended budget to the Board of Supervisors is available online or in hard copy at the CEO's office or any of the County libraries. Budget hearings begin Monday, June 16.

Fiscal FY 2014-2015 Recommended Budget

April 2015 Thrailkill

Art in the Library 2014-2015 exhibitors announced

You are bound to find an artist whose work resonates with you in the lineup for the coming season of Art in the Library. Check out all of the variety the Library's walls will offer, starting in July!

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PBES Customer Permit Center

Consolidated Permit Service Center

Enjoy the convenience of having your questions answered about planning, building, environmental health, engineering and conservation (vineyard) issues every day, (M-F 7:30-5:00PM).

More on the Permit Service Center

Excavation bypass

What is up in Public Works?

The Spring 2014 issue of P.W. Progress features updates on the Milliken Creek bridge, the flood bypass excavation downtown, current and upcoming road projects and much more!

P_W_ Progress Spring 2014