Sulfur Dioxide Use in Wineries


Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

Greg Clark, Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures


Sulfur Dioxide Use in Wineries

 Using SO2 to sanitize empty wine barrels and corks is considered a restricted use of SO2. This means wineries must meet certain regulatory requirements to purchase and use SO2 for sanitation: 

  • Wineries are required to obtain operator ID from the agricultural commissioner and present it to the product distributor at the time of the purchase. The operator ID must be renewed on a bi-annual basis. To make an appointment to obtain or renew an operator ID, call our office at (707)253-4357, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. 

  • Wineries must have a  qualified applicator certificate (QAC) holder to purchase and use SO2. To become certified, a winery representative will need to pass a DPR examination. The examinee must pass the Laws, Regulations and Basic Principles examination along with the category P (Microbial Pest Control) exam. Proof of this certification will need to be presented to the distributor and the agricultural commissioner.   


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