Vine Mealybug


Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

Greg Clark, Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

Vine Mealybug

 Vine Mealybug small 1The Ag Commissioner's Office conducts an enhanced vine mealybug trapping program of 25 traps per square mile.  By analyzing the number of males found in each of the traps, staff is able to detect new areas of infestation as well as track reductions in population.    


Maps of 2014 Vine Mealybug finds in Napa County now available:

Full County Overview



Soda Canyon

Deer Park

South Napa

Mid Valley

St Helena

North Valley

Wooden Valley 



Please note: Trapping was not conducted in Carneros in 2014 because the area is considered to be widely infested.

Historical data also available online. View Maps



Biological Control 

 VMB KillersAgricultural Commissioner's staff releases bio control agents, Anagyrus Wasps and Mealybug Destroyer, to help growers manage VMB populations.  These releases are funded by Napa County Pest & Disease Control District funds. 



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