2011 Year in Review


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2011 Year in Review

Chairman Bill Dodd gave a brief year-in-review address at the Dec. 13, 2011, Board meeting.

This list is not exhaustive, but off the top of our heads:

  • Implemented the Worker Proximity Housing Program
  • Completed Gang and Youth Violence Prevention plan
  • Signed a 50 year lease for $50 for a new library in American Canyon
  • Opened the remodeled Napa Main library
  • Allocated $5 M toward affordable housing
  • Completed a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan
  • Initiated a countywide sub-RHNA process
  • Contracted with IASCO to train Chinese pilots at the airport
  • Awarded over $1 million in TOT to local non-profits
  • Implemented a lower tier retirement for deputy sheriffs and all other non-safety employees
  • Circulated more than 1 million items at the library
  • Established first Napa Local Food Council
  • Continued successful work towards eradication of the European Grapevine Moth
  • Worked with the Napa Valley Destination Council in implementing the first full year of the Tourism Improvement District resulting in a 12% increase in hotel occupancy in the county
  • Completed comprehensive groundwater study
  • Initiated work with the City of Napa on potential consolidation of services
  • Started work on the redevelopment of the Health and Human Services campus
  • Began implementing 2011 Public Safety Realignment
  • Implemented the first Caregiver permit ordinance in the State
  • Probation Dept Health care recertified by the State
  • Hosted workshops on contracting opportunities for local businesses
  • Began design of MST recycled water pipeline
  • Airport Glideslope project completed
  • Survived legal challenge to Housing Element
  • Completed redistricting
  • Awarded $870,000 in Tobacco Master Settlement funds for health-related programs in the community
  • Delivered a balanced budget on time
  • Completed Zinfandel Lane fish passage and bridge restoration
  • Vaccinated 3,250 people against the flu and 1,500 people against pertussis (whooping cough)
  • Resurfaced about 5.75 miles of roads, added 1 mile of bike lane, and performed storm damage repair on Redwood Road, Whitehall Lane, Old Howell Mountain Road, Dry Creek Road and Silverado Trail
  • Won two CSAC Challenge Awards – Child Support Services Caseload Restructuring and the new Juvenile Probation Evening Reporting Center