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Natural Resources Conservation

The Natural Resources Conservation Division was created in 2012 in the Department of Public Works as part of the County’s reorganization efforts. Our offices are located at 804 First St in Napa along the Napa River/Oxbow Commons. For more information about Natural Resources Conservation programs and activities, visit our websites listed below or contact Patrick Lowe, Natural Resources Conservation Manager at 259-5937.


The following programs are part of Natural Resources Conservation:

Groundwater Programs & Sustainable Groundwater Management

Napa County and other public agencies have been monitoring our groundwater resources since the mid 1900’s. Based on studies by the County’s groundwater consultant (LSCE), Napa County has continued to expand groundwater (GW) monitoring in key locations, estimate rates of aquifer recharge, study GW and surface water interaction, and report annually on GW conditions and trends. In 2011, a Groundwater Resources Advisory Committee (GRAC) was created to assist County staff and technical consultants with recommendations on groundwater resources and sustainability, including development of a voluntary Groundwater Monitoring Plan. The Committee presented their recommendations to the Board of Supervisors in 2014 and implementation got underway.

On September 16, 2014 Governor Brown signed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), a three-bill package that collectively created a new structure for sustainable management of California’s groundwater basins. It represented a significant change in the State’s history of water management, providing the framework and authority at the local and State level to advance groundwater management planning. A central feature of SGMA was the recognition that groundwater management in California is best accomplished locally. SGMA established a definition of sustainable groundwater management, provided local agencies with the ability to develop plans and implementation strategies to sustainably manage groundwater resources, prioritized basins with the greatest need, and set a timeline for implementation. Napa County and its groundwater consultant (LSCE) have completed work to meet the requirements of SGMA and to ensure the continued sustainability of our groundwater resources.

The Natural Resources Conservation Division is responsible for implementation of Napa County’s Groundwater Sustainability Program. For more information, visit the website at:, or contact Patrick Lowe at 259-5937 (, or Jeff Sharp at 259-8620 (





Watershed Programs & WICC

The Watershed Information & Conservation Council (WICC) of Napa County guides and supports the community in its efforts to maintain and improve the health of Napa County's watershed lands. The WICC Board, created in 2002, serves as an advisory committee to the Board of Supervisors, providing a conduit for citizen input by gathering, analyzing and recommending options related to the management of watershed resources countywide.

The WICC is a watershed resource management program that provides public outreach and education, monitoring and assessment coordination, and watershed data management in support of Napa County's water and watershed resources. The goal of the WICC website is to collect, organize, and make available to the public, environmental data and information to support community efforts to understand and better manage the county’s watersheds. The WICC sponsors the bi-annual Watershed Symposium every other year.  For more information on the WICC and the watersheds of Napa County, visit the WICC website at: or contact Jeff Sharp at 259-5936 or Patrick Lowe at 259-5937.


Water Conservation

In September 2009, the Napa County Board of Supervisors authorized County staff to begin outreach on a water conservation program in the unincorporated parts of Napa County.  We invite you to visit the Napa County Water Conservation website. For more information contact Deborah Elliott at 259-5969 (


Energy Conservation

When our homes are more efficient, we consume less energy. We all have the power to reduce our energy use at home- from turning off the lights when not in use to upgrading to more efficient home energy systems. Napa County is collaborating with the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) to offer rebates and assistance to homeowners and multi-family property owners for energy-efficient home improvements. Visit the Energy Conservation website  for more information. For more information contact Deborah Elliott at 259-5969 (


Green Business

The Napa County Green Business Program certifies businesses that operate in an environmentally-responsible manner. By offering technical assistance, the County helps local businesses save money by helping them to conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprint. Visit the Green Business website  for more information. For more information contact Deborah Elliott at 259-5969 (


Recycling and Waste Reduction

The Recycling and Waste Reduction Team implements programs to reduce the volume of waste destined for landfills in order to conserve valuable natural resources and protect public health. The division overseas contracts with recycling and waste services companies that serve Lake Berryessa, Upper Napa Valley and unincorporated South Napa County. Assistance is available to residents, businesses and institutions to reduce and prevent waste, maximize recycling, compost organic materials, and dispose of toxic products properly. Visit the Recycling and Waste Reduction website  for more information. For more information please contact Amanda Griffis at 259-8330 ( or David Briggs at 253-4094 (