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About Code Enforcement

The Building & Development Division's Code Enforcement Unit is charged with enforcing County land use and building codes and the laws of the State of California. Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing, building, zoning and property nuisance ordinances within the unincorporated areas of Napa County.

Making a complaintWater Heater - Not To Code

Code violations generally consist of uses or structures without proper permits or authorizations from the County. Use the County's Online Complaint Form to submit a code violation complaint about a property. Please be specific about the property affected. If you do not know the address please describe its location as accurately as possible and where the violation(s) exists (nearest cross road, across the street from, landmarks, etc.). Enforcement Officers will make every effort to pursue the concerns you have presented and will contact you if additional information is needed. Your name and contact information will be kept confidential to the extent legally entitled.

Complaint about your contractor

The State of California Contractors Licensing Board (CSLB) is responsible for investigating complaints regarding licensed and un-licensed contractors. If you have a dispute with your contractor or would like to make a complaint please go to the CSLB Web site.

Contact us

If you have a zoning or building code complaint please use the code complaint link on this page and fill out the required information. If you have a specific question about the Napa County Code we enforce or about an existing enforcement case please contact one of the following staff members:

Supervising Code Enforcement Officer, David Giudice, (707) 299-1347

Code Enforcement Officer – Zoning, Linda St. Claire, (707) 299-1348

Code Enforcement Officer - Zoning, Kelli Cahill, (707) 265-2325

Code Enforcement Officer - Building, Gregory Baxter, (707) 299-1343

Code Enforcement Officer - Building, Tim Hoyt, (707) 253-4018