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For Parents 

Take time to read to your child every day.


Storytime Tips

We want your child to have an enjoyable experience with the library and books.  The following guidelines will help everyone to have fun at storytime.

  • Talk to your children to let them know what they will do at storytime: listen to stories, sing songs and have fun. Explain to them how to sit still and listen.
  • Try to be punctual and regular in attendance; please do not interrupt storytime.
  • Please take children to the restroom before storytime begins.
  • Children should leave toys and food at home or in the car. These items are potential distractions for all children. Children need to have their hands free so that they may participate.
  • Talking should be kept to a minimum for the benefit of the storyteller and the children.
  • Parents are asked to be attentive listeners so children are not distracted and can learn by your example.
  • Parents and guardians are responsible for discipline. Younger siblings should sit with their parents.
  • Disruptive children (including younger siblings) should be taken out of the storytime area. You are welcome to return to storytime as soon as the child is calm.
  • After storytime, encourage your child to select some books to take home. This will help your child to become a “reader” and a library user.
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