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Fun Links

(This site can be accessed from inside the library only!) Includes reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, art, and music . Ages 2+ | |


This site includes animated picture e-books. Learn to read by watching and listening as your favorite stories come to life! For All Ages  | Tumblebooks | 

Disney Channel

This site has something for everyone. Check out the latest games, videos, news, and events! Ages 5+   | Disney Channel |

Cartoon Network

With many action, adventure and arcade style games, Cartoon Network features your favorite cartoon characters! Ages 8+ | Cartoon Network |

Cute computer

Nick, Jr.

This includes fun games, stories, and more! Come play with Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, Diego, Miss Spider, and Little Bill! Ages 3-6 | Nick Jr. |

PBS Kids

This site allows you to play games, read stories & listen to music with your favorite characters such as Caillou, Arthur, Clifford, and Curious George. Ages 3-6 | PBS Kids |

Sesame Street Workshop

Play games with your favorite characters. You can even virtually tickle Elmo! Ages 3-6  | Sesame Street |

Fun Brain

Strain your brain! Come test your problem solving skills by playing math, reading, and playground arcade games. Ages 4+ | Fun Brain |

Thomas & Friends

Calling all Thomas the Tank Engine fans! Read stories and play games with your favorite Thomas characters. Ages 3-6 | Thomas the Tank Engine |

Tiny Planets

Choose a destination! This site has a "world of stuff for kids"! Check out the games, videos, stories, and craft activities. Ages 3-12 | Tiny Planets

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Attention sports fans! Come check out the latest sports news and play arcade style sports games! Can you win the race? Ages 7+ | Sports Illustrated for Kids

Guinness World Records

How many push ups can you do in an hour? Check out some of the most incredible and impressive records in the world! Ages 8+ | Guinness World Records |