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2014 Housing Element Update



 California Housing Element Law mandates the local agencies develop plans to supply housing to current and future residents, as one of seven mandatory elements required of General Plans, the principle document guiding growth decisions for local agencies.  Since the Fall of 2013 the County has been updating the current (2009) Housing Element for the next housing cycle planning period that runs from 2015 to 2023.  Public hearings and adoption of the updated 2014 Housing Element are planned to occur before the end of 2014.  The Draft Housing Element and related supporting documents are attached below.



 Housing Element 2014



2014 Housing Element Updated Documents


Document Contents

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New Documents December 2014

Draft Final Housing Element Policy Updated Dec 2014

Draft Final Housing Element Needs Assessment Dec 2014



Previous Documents Posted August 2014

Draft Final Housing Element Policy Updated Aug 2014

Draft Final Housing Element Needs Assessment Updated Aug 2014

Napa County Housing Element EIR Addendum Aug 2014

Revisions to Safety Element Fire Hazards and Flooding Aug 2014

Wildland Fire Background Information Aug 2014

2009 Housing Element Final EIR

2009 Housing Element Draft EIR



Previous Documents Posted March 2014

HIA - Draft Final Housing Needs Assessment 3-24-14 for HCD Review

HIA - Draft Final Housing Policy Document 3-24-14 for HCD Review

Draft Housing Needs Assessment - March 5, 2014 Commission Meeting

Draft Housing Element Update Policy Document - March 5, 2014 Commission Meeting