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Finding What You Want:

The Planning Division has a number of applications, submittal forms and informational documents to help you with your planning and development needs. If you can't find what you're looking for using the links below, or are not sure exactly what you need, the Planning Division staff is available  to help. Planning staff members are available for consultation and permitting services weekdays (excluding holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at the Division's Public Counter. If you have questions about land use, zoning, allowed uses or permitting, use the informational links provided, or contact us for assistance.

Available Documents:


List of applications, forms and brochures

Planning Permit Applications & Forms

Brochures & Handouts

Policy Documents

 Applications & Forms for Planning Permits

 Useful Guides & Information

 Plans, Policies, Regulations & Ordinances

Balloon Launching Permit

Planning Clearance Brochure

Napa County General Plan

Certificate of Legal Non Conformity

Conservation Regulations Brochure

Zoning Ordinance

Conservation Regulations Exception

Farm Management Use Brochure

Subdivisions Ordinance

Erosion Control Plan Approval

Fence and Entry Structure Brochure

Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan

Fence-Entry Structure Permit

Guest Cottage Brochure

Airport Industrial Area Specific Plan

General Plan or Zoning Amendment

Second Dwelling Unit Brochure

Napa County Local CEQA Procedures 

Home Occupation Permit

Summary of Allowed Uses by Zoning Dist.

Winery Definition Ord. No. 947

Industrial Park Use Permit

Use Permit Modification - Facts Sheet

Measure P

Parcel Map or Subdivision Map Application


Marketing Events Resolution 2010 

Peddlers or Solicitor's Permit

Winery Production Process Handout  Ordnance No. 274 Agricultural Preserve 04-19-1968 
Pre-Application Meeting Request Williamson Act Brochure  Ordnance No. 511 Agricultural Preserve 07-27-1976 

Petition for Address Change

Mills Act Brochure

Checklist for Development Projects

Petition for Street Name Change



Sign Permit



Site Plan Approval

  Planning Fee Schedule 2016  

Telecommunications Use Permit-Site Plan



Temporary Event Permit  



Temporary Trailer Permit


Link to Policy Documents Web page

Use Permit Application



Use Permit Minor Modification





Viewshed Permit



Site Visit Meeting Request




Small Wind Energy System Permit


Zoning Code Variance



Zoning Change



Mills Act Application and Agreement


Angwin Checklist for Ministerial Review

Cottage Food Application

Williamson Act Application