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Opportunity for Disaster Grants and Temporary Earthquake Cleanup Work


Season of Sharing Grants for Individuals and Families in Need


Many families across Napa County may be experiencing a short-term crisis due to the South Napa Earthquake and other related factors.  The San Francisco Chronicle Season of Sharing Program (SOS) is a non-profit organization that has raised more than $98 million to help thousands of Bay Area families in need.  The Napa County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) coordinates the local SOS, and partners with several community based organizations across the valley to accept applications for SOS funds. 

Families and individuals that are eligible to apply for SOS grants include:

  •          Families with dependent children under the age of 18 Seniors 55 years or older

  •          Persons with a long-term disability or medical condition

  •          Emancipated foster care youth

  •          Veterans

  •          Victims of domestic violence or violent crime

  •          Pregnant women in their second trimester or later

Grant awards can be used for housing assistance and critical family needs, and can be up to $3,000 per applicant.  Examples of critical family needs include, but are not limited to:

  •          Essential furniture in response to an emergency (e.g. beds, dining set, home appliances for variable medical need with doctor’s note and diagnosis).

  •          Medical equipment – wheelchairs, walkers, respiratory equipment, hearing aids, eye glasses, etc.

  •          Employment-related expenses (i.e. tools, clothing)

  •          Critical dental costs

For more information on how to get help applying for a SOS grant contact (707) 299-1890 or seasonofsharing@countyofnapa.org.

Temporary Disaster Cleanup Workers Needed

Napa County is working with VForce Staffing in recruiting several hundred general laborers for earthquake cleanup. 

The positions for general labor will be for 2 or more weeks in 8-10 hour shifts with 40 + hours a week at $10 per hour.

Job Seeker must:

  •          Have legal authority to work

  •          Be 18 years of age

  •          Be able bodied

  •          Have boots (no need for steel toe)

VForce staff will be in Napa to help with the application process at Workforce Napa, 650 Imperial Way Suite 101:

  •          Thursday, August 28 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  •          Friday, August 29 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Interested applicants can also call the VForce office at (707) 427-6526 or apply online at www.vforcestaff.com.  Online applicants are asked to call after submitting their application to ensure it was received and get further instructions.  Spanish speaking residents can call the office directly.


The Board of Supervisors and staff of Napa County are dedicated to preserving and sustaining Napa County for present and future generations as a community with generous open space, a thriving agricultural industry and a quality human and natural environment.


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