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Thank you for your interest in doing business with Napa County. Below is a list of the County’s current competitive purchasing opportunities. This list can be sorted by Title, Department or Due Date by clicking on the appropriate header. For more information regarding a specific opportunity, please use the contact e-mail link or phone number associated with each opportunity.

Competitive purchasing and bidding opportunities that have been awarded

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TitleDepartmentDue Date
RFP: After Action Report Support – 2017 Napa Fire Complex
Napa County is seeking an After Action Report Support consultant to create an after action report and conduct an after action hotwash in response to the 2017 Napa Fire Complex. Addendum 1 Updated 11/3/17
County Executive Office
Jeff Brooner
RFP: Financial & HRMS ERP Software Procurement Consultant Services
The Napa County Auditor-Controller is issuing this Request for Proposal RFP (RFP) to retain consulting services business analysis and procurement of a Financial & HRMS Software ERP system for the County and its City partners.
Auditor Controller
Tracy Schulze

RFQ: HHSA EMS Medical Director RFQ
The Napa County Health and Human Services Agency is requesting qualified applicants to establish a contract for a Medical Director for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with work to commence on September 1, 2017 and be completed June 30, 2018, with the option for an automatic annual renewal of such contract on a fiscal year basis. The EMS Agency Medical Director is a part time contracted position averaging an estimated 11 hours per week. The Medical Director will provide medical control and assure medical accountability throughout the planning, implementation and evaluation of the EMS system. Services will be performed in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications contained in the RFQ.
Health and Human Service Agency
Sandra Moize
(707) 253-6181
RFI: Lake Berryessa – Napa County, CA Available Concession Areas RFII NO. CEO091701
Napa County Executive Office is issuing this Request for Information and Interest (RFII) in order to solicit potential concessionaires for five developable sites at Lake Berryessa in Napa County, California. Appropriate respondents will subsequently be invited to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP). In order to qualify to participate in the RFII process, a valid response to this RFII is mandatory. RFII Submittals Due by 12:00 pm pst.
County Executive Office
Jeff Brooner
RFP: Live Online Tutoring
The Napa County Library (henceforth referred to as “LIBRARY”) seeks proposals from qualified vendors for an online tutoring program that will provide homework help to library patrons in grades K-12, college, and adults in continuing education programs. Napa County is home to a diverse population of 136,368 individuals, with approximately 16.1% (21,955 persons) in grades K-12.
Althea Kent
RFP: Napa County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center Veterinarian Services
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking qualified veterinarian(s) to provide veterinarian services to the Napa County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. This project is currently under evaluation/review.
Public Works
Liz Habkirk
(707) 259-8321
RFP: Napa County HOJ & Annex Final Earthquake Repairs, PW 15-15C
The work generally consists of, but is not limited to all labor and materials for repairs to the Hall of Justice and Jail Annex including repair of cracked concrete walls inside of the Jail and drywall outside the Jail, painting, veneer plastering, stucco replacement, steel structure repair, flooring, expansion joints, replacement of custom aluminum window frames, etc. Engineer's estimate is $1,800,000. Contractor shall possess a Class B license at the time of contract award. Special security procedures are required for bidding this project. Specifications have been added. Addendum 1 has been added. Partial Unsecure Plans for HOJ & Annex Final Earthquake Repairs has been added.
Public Works
Frank Lucido
RFP: Napa County South Campus Frontage Landscape Improvements, PW 17-09R
The project is located at Napa County South Campus Facility 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA. Work generally consists of, but is not limited to all labor and materials for the exterior site and landscape improvements, exterior site monuments and directional signage to the Napa County South Campus along the entire frontage of Napa Valley Corporate Drive.
Public Works
Dixon Haun
RFP: ONLINE Auction Services Related to Tax Sales on Tax Defaulted Properties
Provide a website for auction and advertising services related to the sale of tax defaulted properties as part of the statutorily mandated tax sale process. Addendum 1 added 11/08/2017.
Treasurer Tax-Collector
Lisa Soder
RFQ: Pest Control Applicator Services
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking qualified providers of pest control applicator services. The County anticipates selecting an operator(s) who is registered and licensed in the State of California to provide pest control services to the County. Addendum 2 has been added that changes dates. Addendum 3 was added.
Public Works
Liz Habkirk
RFP: Property Title Search and Reporting Services RFP
Perform title searches and prepare tax sale reports on tax defaulted properties to determine the identity of “parties of interest” in order to provide notice of tax sales and termination of the right to redemption of tax defaulted property; other related reports and services.
Treasurer Tax-Collector
Lisa Soder
RFP: RFP Performance Management 2017 # HR111601
The County of Napa’s Human Resources Division is requesting proposals for a performance management system that can provide supervisors and managers with an approachable and efficiently tool in order to provide employees with effective and timely feedback on performance and goals, clarify job responsibilities and expectations, guide employee behavior to align with the organization’s core values, goals and strategies, improve communication between employees and managers, and provide a basis for giving a pay increase when due.
County Executive Office
Faye Newton Shannon
(707) 299-1728
RFQ: RFQ for Tub Grinding Services
The Napa County Department of Public Works requests quotations from qualified contractors to provide tub grinding equipment and services as part of the 2017 Napa Fire Complex recovery work. Addendum 1 has been added.
Public Works
Sophie Johnson
RFQ: RFQ/Pricing Automated Aircraft Identification and Billing Services
The County of Napa (County) is seeking proposals from qualified aviation professionals for the purchase/lease of an automated aircraft identification system, including an invoicing service for landing and overnight parking fees for the Napa County Airport (APC).
Public Works
Greg Baer
RFP: Sale of County Surplus Real Property
RFP Sale of County Surplus Real Property at 933 Water Street, Napa, CA 94559. Addendum 3 has been added.
Public Works
Liz Habkirk
RFP: Unleaded and Diesel Fuel Services
Napa County is seeking a qualified vendor, or vendors, to provide a fuel (unleaded and diesel) tracking and billing program for the acquisition of fuel at commercial fueling stations and County owned bulk dispensaries; and delivery of bulk fuel to County owned equipment. Napa County may select more than one vendor for the provision of services requested herein. Addendum 2 has been added. This RFP is under Evaluation/Review.
County Executive Office
Jeff Brooner
RFP: Water Treatment Plant Site Slope Stabilization Project, LB 17-03
Construction of a soldier pile wall at the LBRID Water Treatment Plant to stabilize a bank that failed during the January 2017 storm events. Contractor shall possess a Class A license at the time of Contract award. The Engineer's estimate for construction of the base contract is $217,250.
Public Works
Annamaria Martinez