John Tuteur Assessor

 Earthquake and the Napa County Assessor Division

The Napa County Assessor Division is in the process of relocating and is not open to the public.  Please be patient if you have left voicemails; staff is currently fielding calls and will return them as soon as possible. 

Questions about address changes and boats can be directed to 253-4457.

Questions about ownership of real property can be directed to 259-8601.

Questions about Homeowners Exemptions can be directed to 259-8752.

 When a FEMA center opens in Napa County, a representative from the Assessor Division will be present to field questions on reporting calamities. 



In my capacity as the elected Assessor-Recorder-Clerk I want to provide as much information to the public as possible regarding property tax, document recording and other related issues. An informed public is the key to good customer service and to ensuring that every property owner and resident receives fair and prompt treatment. Some of the duties of the department include property tax assessment and parcel map maintenance.

Read the Assessor's news release about the 2013-2014 Napa County Roll closure here.