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Our mission is to enhance the well-being of children and the self-sufficiency of families by providing professional services.

 The Napa County Department of Child Support Services (CSS) is the Local Child Support Agency (LCSA) responsible for establishing and/or enforcing child support court orders. We provide an effective system that encourages parental responsiblity to their children. We act in the “public interest” and do not represent any individual. We are responsible for establishing and enforcing support orders when a child receives public assistance or when a parent or legal caretaker requests our services.

Our services include: opening a case; finding parents; establishing a legal parent-child relationship; establishing child and medical support orders; and enforcing support orders. Napa County Child Support Services does not charge for its services; however an annual $25 fee is assessed by the state department in some cases.

Note: We do not handle custody, visitation, establishment or modification of spousal support or other family law matters. For more information regarding these issues contact the Napa County Family Law Facilitator at (707) 299-1137.

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