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Finding What You Want:

The Building & Development Division has a number of applications, submittal forms and informational documents to help you with your building and development needs. If you can't find what your looking for using the links below, or not sure exactly what you need, Building Division staff is available to help. Staff is available for consultation and permitting services weekdays (excluding holidays) from 7:30 am to 4:15 pm. If you have questions about permitting, building codes, violations, or general building safety use the informational links provided, or feel free to contact us for assistance.


Available Documents:






Applications for Building Permits

Supplemental forms depending upon permit

Useful information on codes & submitting your project  

Info to help you avoid common pitfalls

Commercial Permit

Accessibility Upgrade Worksheet

A Process Flowchart

I Have a Permit. Now What Do I Do?

Demolition Permit

Appendix A - Part 1

Before You Begin Construction  

Asbestos Guide for Consumers

Residential Permit

Appendix A - Part 2 (Post Runoff)

Demolition Permit Requirements

Do I Need a Permit Handout


Application Resubmittal Form

Egress Openings

Earthquake Prepardness

Alternate Means and Methods

Authorized Agent

Final Inspection Checklist

Hiring a Contractor

Deferred Submittal

Certificate of Ag Use

Foundation: T-Footings

Hiring an Architect

Permit Alteration 

Construction Waste Plan

Furnace Installation Guidelines

Home Improvement Contracts  

TCO Request  

Deferred Electrical Worksheet

Guide to Factory Built Homes

Manufactured Home Alterations


Electrical Service Change

Installing a Manufactured Home

Napa Sanitation Information


Extension Request - Applications

Kitchen Electrical

Owner-Builders Note  

Commercial Projects    

Extension Request - Permits

Propane Tank Setbacks (Above Ground)

Understanding the Process   

Residential : New & Acsry   

EV Charging Station Worksheet

Quick Permit Overview  

Waste & Recycling Guide

Residential : Alterations    

HCD 433(A) Mobile & Manufactured Homes

 Quick Permit Requirements

Water Heater - Safety

Pools & Spas - Residental    

HCD 433 (B) Assessor Notice

Residential Decks


Photovoltaic Installation  

Owner Builder Disclosure Form

Residential Showers


E.V. Chargers 

Pools Safety Notice

Residential Stairs  


Wind Energy Systems   

Project Design Detail Form

Sample Site Plan  


Mobile Home Park Installations  

Scope of Work

 Soils Report Waiver Policy    



Statement of Intent

 Solar - CalFire Installation Guide   



Tankless Water Heater Worksheet

 Swimming Pool Setbacks  




 Title Page Requirements    
     Water Heater - Tankless Requirements     


   ** NEW 2013 ENERGY MANUALS **

  Cal Green Non-Res Checklist Nonresidential Energy 2013 

Building Fees 2014

      Residential Energy 2013     Valuation Table 2013
         Extension Policy
    CAL Green Residential Mandatory Measures 2013 Geotechnical Report Policy
      Residential Housing Impact Fee  
   Energy Compliance Forms -2013   Guide to Factory Built Homes  
    Installing Manufactured Homes on Real Property  


Mobile Home Park Installations    
    Mobile Home Park Worksheet   
    HCD 433(A) Mobile & Manufactured Homes  
    HCD 433 (B) Assessor Notice