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 Homeless Services

Napa County offers a variety of services for people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. Services are coordinated by The Mayors’ Housing and Homeless Services Policy Council and the Napa Continuum of Care.


For HMIS participating agencies, click here to view available documents.

Shelter Locations

There are several shelters operating within Napa County, including two year-round homeless shelters, the Samaritan Family Shelter and the South Napa Shelter. There is also an Emergency Shelter and a homeless resource center in Napa called The Hope Center. All three shelters and the Hope Center are operated, under contract with the County of Napa, by Community Action Napa Valley. Funding for the shelters and the resource center is supplied in large part by area cities and the County of Napa.

The Hope Center: Provides basic services to homeless individuals. It also serves as an entrance point for all three homeless shelters. Open seven days a week.
(707) 259-8133
1301 Fourth Street in Napa

Samaritan Family Shelter: Provides temporary shelter for families with children. Persons needing help must register at the Hope Center (see above).
(707) 253-6145

2521 Old Sonoma Road in Napa 

South Napa Shelter: A clean and sober shelter for individuals 18 years and older. Persons needing help must register at the Hope Center (see above). 
(707) 259-8133
100 Hartle Court in Napa  

Winter Shelter: Open from mid-November through mid-April. Individuals seeking shelter must register at the Hope Center (see above). 
Call (707) 259-8133

Napa Continuum of Care

The Napa Continuum of Care is a consortium of non-profit, faith-based and government agencies that supply homeless services to the population of Napa County and carry out the Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness. The Continuum of Care’s activities are guided by a steering committee, the members of which are selected from the member agencies.

The Napa Continuum of Care meets on the 1st Thursday of each month, meetings are open to the public and members of the following groups are highly encouraged to attend:

· Nonprofit homeless assistance providers

· Victim service providers

· Faith-based organizations

· Governments

· Businesses

· Advocates

· Public housing agencies

· School districts

· Social service providers

· Mental health agencies

· Hospitals

· Colleges and universities

· Affordable housing developers

· Law enforcement

· Organizations that serve veterans

· Homeless and formerly homeless individuals

For more information on meeting locations, times and specifics please email brandee.freitas@countyofnapa.org.



The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition is a one-year grant application submitted by the Napa County to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The 2016 CoC Annual Renewal Demand is $694,644. In addition, Napa County has applied for an additional $20,839 to subsidize CoC planning costs and an additional $34,732 available for the permanent housing bonus.

Below, please find the posting of all parts of the Complete FY 2016 CoC Consolidated Application, including the Priority Listing with all project applications accepted and ranked or rejected and all attachments that will be submitted to HUD. In addition is the Grant Inventory Worksheet:
CA517 CoC Consolidated Application
CA517 Priority Listing