Additional Information on Veteran Benefits


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 Additional Information on Veteran Benefits

Burial and Death Benefits: Most veterans are eligible for a burial flag, government marker and military funeral honors. Veterans who were eligible for compensation or pension payments may also be eligible for funeral, burial and plot allowances.


VA Compensation Benefits: Very similar to Worker’s Comp, the VA can provide monetary compensation and other benefits for mental and/or physical diseases or disabilities determined to be “service-connected”


VA Dependents and Survivors Benefits: Dependents or survivors of a disabled or deceased veteran may be eligible for benefits, including children of Vietnam veterans who have been diagnosed with Spina Bifida.


VA Dependent Tuition Waiver: Children of veterans with a disability that is considered to be “service-connected” by the Department of Veterans Affairs (“The VA”) may qualify for waiver of tuition and other State-wide fees at any State Community College, State College and even State Universities. The veteran does not need to be in receipt of compensation – a “zero percent rating” is sufficient to qualify. A zero percent rating can often be granted for something as simple as hearing loss caused by military service or even a scar received during military service. Eligibility is based on the previous year’s income of the student. For the current academic year (2013-2014), the student’s income for calendar year 2012 may not have exceeded $11,945. This waiver could also apply to spouses and children of veterans with a 100% disability rating, or who died from a service-connected illness or injury. In this case, there are no income limits, but age limits do apply for the children of the veteran.


VA Education Benefits: Veterans who qualify for the Montgomery GI Bill, or VEAP. A veteran rated service-connected disabled 30% or more by VA receives an additional allowance for dependents, including children over 18 years of age and under 23 years of age, if in school. A child of a veteran who is rated by VA 100% permanent and total, may receive a monthly benefit if attending a post high school education program, and is under 27 years of age.


VA Government Life Insurance: for service-connected disabled veterans, Service members’ Group Life Insurance and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance.


Veterans Health Administration: Veterans and some dependents may be eligible for health care benefits including treatment, eye glasses, hearing aids and prescription refills, often with little or no co-pay.


VA Pension Benefits: (non-service-connected) based on need (income limit) for veterans who served during a wartime period. Death pension for surviving spouse of deceased veteran with wartime service may be eligible for pension based on need.


Veterans Homes of California: are first and foremost places where veterans go to live. They offer complete medical and dental care amidst the amenities of a small town atmosphere. Residents may participate in on- or off-campus activities and civic affairs, or attend veterans service organization meetings. Currently, Veterans Homes are located in Yountville, Barstow, Ventura, Lancaster, West Los Angeles and Chula Vista, with new homes opening soon in Fresno and Redding. Veterans Home of California Application


VA Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits: may be available for veterans who are in receipt of VA compensation, if the disability affects the ability to do certain jobs.