Juvenile Justice Center



Mary Butler

Napa County Juvenile Justice Center

A division of the Napa County Probation Department 

212 Walnut Street

Napa, CA 94559

(707) 253-4361 

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Justice Center  

The Napa County Juvenile Justice Center was opened in June 2005.  The center has the capacity to provide secure residential housing to 50 youth.  In order to meet Napa County's needs well into the future; the building was designed to support growth of up to 15 more beds.

In addition to two housing units, the facility maintains a full functioning kitchen laundry facilities, Medical and Mental Health offices, and two classrooms.  Mental Health services are provided to the youth through Napa County Health and Human Services.  Medical services are provided by California Forensic Medical Group.

Our Primary function is to provide a temporary, safe and secure detention for youth pending their Juvenile Court Hearings, while serving short-term commitments, or awaiting out of home placement.  Our most valuable resource at the Justice Center is our staff.  Our staff recognizes that they serve as positive role models who uphold a high professional and ethical standard.  Our staff strives to instill our youth to make positive change by projecting a professional approach to the youth and the community we serve.


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