Burglary Scam


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Burglary Scam

A major scam currently in operation has a person make a telephone call and say they are doing a computer survey for a large, well- known software company. The caller says they are doing the survey because they want to give out free software. They want to know what would be a good time for someone to come from their company and install the software on your PC. They also ask questions about income, personal habits, etc. During the survey, the con artist finds out what time you are usually home, what kind of computer equipment you have and other valuable personal information. In fact what they are doing is casing you and setting you up for a burglary.

There are many variations of this theme. Instead of claiming to be from a computer software company, the con artist could just as easily claim to be from an insurance company, a department store, etc. Few people are going to question receiving something free. However, a legitimate survey company should already have your address, if they already have your phone number.