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Call our Consumer Affairs Hotline at (707) 253-4059 for information and assistance in mediating consumer problems.

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Making a Complaint

The Consumer Affairs Unit handles and mediates approximately 100 complaints per year. If you have a complaint against a business, arising out of a business transaction or attempted transaction, and would like to file a complaint with our office, please download the attached Consumer Complaint Form, completely fill it in, attach copies of all documents relating to the transaction, and mail it to: Consumer Affairs, Napa County District Attorney's Office, 931 Parkway Mall, Napa CA 94559. If you have any questions about your complaint or the form, please call Consumer Affairs at (707) 253-4059, or email us directly via email at

Be advised that a copy of your complaint will be sent to the person or entity you are complaining about for their side of the story.

Be advised that the District Attorney's Office cannot act as your private attorney or give you legal advice. If you need legal advice, go to legal remedies for assistance. This office will evaluate your complaint for mediation or for potential enforcement action. If we determine that your complaint involves the violation of laws by a business or its owner, our office may file a civil or criminal enforcement action against that business. The primary purpose of such an action will be to punish the business or owner by seeking fines, penalties, court orders, and even jail time. Such an action may also seek restitution on your behalf, but there is no guarantee that restitution will be recovered. Further, during such an action, we cannot represent you, give you legal advice, or keep you apprised of the case.

Auto Repairs

You are entitled to a written estimate for repair work prior to the commencement of any repairs; You do not have to pay any additional charges unless you first approve them; You are entitled to a detailed invoice of work done and parts supplied and, if requested by you, the return of replaced parts. If you have any problems, call the Bureau of Auto Repair: 1 800-952-5210.

Door-to-Door Sales

You have three days to cancel contracts of $25 or more on door-to-door sales (except for contracts for repair services in an amount of less than $100 initiated by the buyer). The salesperson must tell you that you have a right to cancel and the contract must have a written cancellation clause. If you cancel, the seller must refund your money within 10 days.

Car Sales

 A Buyers Guide must be placed on the window of every used vehicle sold by a dealer. This guide must tell you whether the car comes with a full warranty, a partial warranty, or "as is" with no warranty. If you have been deceived in buying a new or used car, call the Department of Motor Vehicles at (213) 744-7577.


There are laws to protect you when you seek or use credit. The Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles you to find out why you have been denied credit and gives you the ability to correct errors in your credit file. The Fair Credit Billing Act gives you 60 days to send a written notice to the creditor if you find a billing error. The creditor must either correct your bill or explain why there is no error. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act protects women from being discriminated against when seeking credit.