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Free Classes for Adults


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For English-speaking adults

Do you want to pass your GED? Find a new job? Show your children how to succeed? Come to our free classes. We help you reach your goals.


If you are English-speaking, sharpen the skills that will get you to your dreams. Improve your reading and writing, so you can enjoy more choices in life.

Call us at the Literacy Center’s Adult Literacy Services Program (707) 253-4237 to make an appointment.

Become a learner today.


English Preparatory Institute 

For Adults Who Want to Learn English

Do you want to speak better English?
Come to our free classes. If you would like to speak better English, then English Preparatory Institute is for you. In small groups, you will improve your conversation, grammar, reading and writing skills. Just call us at (707) 253-4237 to make an appointment or email us at Se habla Español. 

Become a learner today.



In Partnership with WorkForce Napa 

For Teens and Adults Seeking Employment

The library has partnered with Napa’s premier career development service, WorkForce Napa, to provide the best in career support. Register for free classes that will help you find the job you want. Learn skills such as how to write a résumé, use a computer and interview for success.

Discover more about LifeWORKS Career Center.