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Napa River Oakville/Oak Knoll Restoration Project Group A, PW 15-01

Status: Design
Contact: John Vicencio
Publish Date: 2012-10-08

Neighbors to the Oak Knoll to Oakville Crossroad Reach of the Napa River have voluntarily created a restoration project that will include 7 miles of new riparian habitat along the Napa River. The project will be an immediate downstream continuation of the Rutherford Dust Project.  The proposed project, which includes twenty seven (27) Restoration Areas (RAs) across ten (10) geo-morphically identified sub-reaches along the river has been divided into two separate phases.  Phase 1 consists of 14 Res along a 4-mile stretch of the Napa River between Oakville Crossroad and just south of Yountville Crossroad.  Phase 2 encompasses the remaining 13 RAs between Yountville Crossroad to Oak Knoll Avenue. The project is anticipated to go out to bid mid-May 2015.

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