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Employee Training

Implementing an employee training program is highly recommended for every business that engages in activities that could result in an illicit discharge.  Most cases of pollution are the result of human error that could be prevented through adequate training and diligence on the part of supervisors and managers.  Ultimately, the business owner or company is responsible for the activities of its employees and contractors.  Developing and implementing an effective employee training program will significantly reduce the likelihood of an illicit discharge, which could result in significant fines and clean-up costs.  

An effective employee training program includes the following:

  1. A list of activities, potential pollutants, and BMPs used to prevent illicit discharges.
  2. An up-to-date list of all employees and description of duties.
  3. A training schedule for existing and new employees.
  4. Documentation of all trainings conducted. 

It's also important to train employees on why the BMPs are important, both in terms of protecting water quality, as well as the potential consequences for not following the BMPs.  The most important point to get across is that whatever goes into the storm drain will eventually end up in a creek, river, or lake.

The following are example training forms in Microsoft Word that you can tailor for your business.

Corporation Yard