Napa S.A.L.’s Supporters


Sheriff's Office - Community Services

Napa S.A.L.’s Supporters



County of Napa / Sheriff’s Department


Through the Sheriff’s office, the County of Napa provides S.A.L with a staff to operate its day-to day program activities. At times, the County has also contributed funds to cover individual program costs, including uniforms, sports equipment, and event entry fees. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office serves as an adjunct to S.A.L. with its employees providing counsel, support, and volunteer staffing.


Napa State Hospital / Ca. Department of mental health


Napa State Hospital supports the Sheriff’s Activities League by allowing us use of its facilities at a very low cost. In addition to the 10,000 square foot indoor area used to house the majority of our programs, NSH also allows us access to playing fields and other outdoor areas.


California Police Activities League



California PAL’s primary goal is to assist police and Sheriff’s departments in establishing and developing PAL chapters in every community; thereby ensuring that all California youth have the opportunity to participate in California’s PAL programs. California PAL is well on its way to achieving our goal as we are California’s largest juvenile crime prevention program with the active participation of over 300,000 youth.


In addition to assisting with the development of PAL’s, Calpal organizes numerous statewide events in which Napa S.A.L. participates. In addition to organizing these events, Calpal covers much of the costs associated with participation, including travel and lodging.


National Police Activities League 


 National PAL is a non-profit organization formed to provide assistance to the various PAL programs located throughout the United States. Headquartered in North Palm Beach, FL, National PAL constitutes a centralized organization for the channeling of information, instruction, grant opportunities and all other matters common to such programs so as to further and promote their purpose of providing guidance to the youth in educational, athletic and recreational activities.