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Commission Members
Members Representing Appointment Expiration
Naomi Dreskin-Anderson  District #2 01-08-2008     09-30-2015   
 Heather Stanton  Org. Concerned w/Older Adults 05-01-2012  09-30-2015  
 Rocky Sheridan  Org. Concerned w/Older Adults 03-18-2014  09-30-2016
Christy Kling   District #1 10-21-2014 09-30-2015
 Betty Rhodes  District #4 11-20-2012  09-30-2016
 Elizabeth Anne Payne        District #5 06-01-2012  09-30-2016
 Terri Restelli-Deits  Org Concerned w/Older Adults 01-27-2009  09-30-2016
 JoAnn Busenbark  Org Concerned w/Older Adults 06-27-2011  09-30-2016
 Carroll Cotten  District #3 11-20-2012  09-30-2016
 Kristine Coryell   Org. Concerned w/Older Adults 07-28-2014  09-30-2014
 Shirley Blomquist  Org. Concerned w/Older Adults 07-15-2008  09-30-2015 
 Thomas Kalbrener  Org. Concerned w/Older Adults 05-14-2013


 Bob Nations Org. Concerned w/Older Adults 10-22-2013 09-30-2015
Tom Sarbeck Org. Concerned w/Older Adults 10-22-2013 03-30-2015
Dr. Olive Jack  Commissioner Emeritus  01-08-2008  Indefinite
Marie T. Lucas  Commissioner Emeritus  07-15-2008  Indefinite
 Joice Beatty  Commissioner Emeritus  01-29-2009  Indefinite
 Dr. Kenneth Lee  Commissioner Emeritus  01-08-2008  Indefinite
 Rita Umpheries  Commissioner Emeritus  01-08-2008  Indefinite

Member Biographies


Established Sept. 12, 1977, pursuant to Napa County Resolution No 77-151 and then established as a permanent County Commission on Oct. 20, 1981, pursuant to Resolution No. 81-86. Resolution No. 87-93 was approved Sept. 29, 1987, amending the composition of the Commission.

On Jan. 16, 1996, (Resolution No. 96-08), the Board of Supervisors approved the following: Upon failure of a County Supervisor to designate a member from his/her District within a reasonable length of time, a member may be nominated by that Supervisor and appointed by the Board from outside of that District. On Jan. 31, 2006, Resolution 06-18 several changes including the addition of two membership positions. The Napa County Commission on Aging consists of 15 members – one member from each of the five Supervisorial Districts and ten additional members from among individuals recommended by organizations concerned with older adults. It is desirable that all appointees are over the age of 55, but a person of a younger age will not be excluded.

The purpose and functions of the commission are to act as a coordinating body and clearinghouse for projects and activities which concern Napa County's older citizens; act as an advisory body on behalf of the Board of Supervisors; recommend studies or programs for older adults; coordinate with other appointed Commissions or Advisory Committees to assess existing data to identify unmet needs and describe alternatives to meet these needs; review and offer comment on pending legislation; and disseminate information to older adults.