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What to do if you've lost your pet

Daddys ComfortTAKE ACTION as soon as possible. The sooner you get started, the greater your chances of quickly recovering your lost pet.

VISIT US: First, see if your pet has been found. Visit us at the Napa County Animal Shelter (942 Hartle Court in Napa), or call us at (707) 253-4382 to file a missing pet report and to see if your pet is here. Photographs and brief descriptions of the pets that have been found and are at the Shelter can be viewed at our Lost and Found Web page.

MAKE CALLS: Napa County Animal Services, a division of the Napa County Sherriff’s office, is responsible for responding to calls about stray animals. They cover all of the unincorporated areas of Napa County and the City of American Canyon and the City of Napa.
If you are in the Town of Yountville, please call the Napa County Sheriff’s Department Yountville substation – (707) 944-9228.
For the City of St. Helena call the St. Helena Police Department – (707) 967-2850.
For the City of Calistoga call the Calistoga Police Department – (707) 942-2810

POST FLYERS: It is also a good idea to post flyers in your neighborhood and provide a copy to local veterinarians as well as to our office (we will post the photo on a lost and found board). Visit the Napa Humane Web site for assistance with a downloadable flyer template and suggestions for how to put your flyer together and where and how to post.

SEARCH YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD: Check around your home and talk to your neighbors about the possibility of your lost cat being in an unusual "hiding" place such as storm drains, ditches, garages, sheds and other dark places. Search your neighborhood, calling your pet by name or make some other familiar sound such as a squeaky toy, but be sure to stop and listen periodically, in case your lost pet makes noises in response (such as whining, barking, or meowing).

CONTACT THE MICROCHIP COMPANY: If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company to ensure that they have your current contact information and to inform them that your pet is missing.

PLACE AN ADD IN THE PAPER: The Napa Register will post a FREE add for three days in the classified section under lost and found. Call them for assistance.

ONCE YOU FIND YOUR PET: If your pet wasn’t previously microchipped we encourage you to make that a priority. In the case of a dog, be sure to have him licensed. Both a microchip and a license are tools for your pet to swiftly find his way home.