European Grapevine Moth in the Urban Setting


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European Grapevine Moth Information for Homeowners

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The European Grapevine Moth is a new pest to Napa County, and we need your help to ensure this devastating moth doesn’t gain a foothold here. If you have grapevines, you may have EGVM. Here's what you can do:  

1. STRIP YOUR VINES: remove all grape flowers or clusters from your vines with pruning shears; and
2. KICK 'EM TO THE CURB: place the grapes in your brown yardwaste container and keep the lid closed. 

OR: treat grapes with an approved organic insecticide. 

Home-use products that contain Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) or Spinosad are suitable products to use to control European Grapevine Moth larvae in winegrapes. These products are available at retail nurseries and garden supply centers. Please follow the label directions regarding the frequency of applications and any safety precautions. 

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 Additional Information:

A note about abandoned or neglected vineyards:

Vineyard properties that are neglected or not properly maintained often become reservoirs for populations of various pests and can potentially threaten neighboring production vineyards. A pest like European Grapevine Moth (Lobesia botrana) requires timely and specific treatments to control its populations, and it could thrive if allowed to exist in an untreated habitat. The combined efforts of the wine industry and grape growers would be undermined by abandoned and neglected vineyards which could serve as sources of future infestations.

If you become aware of such a vineyard, please contact the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, and we will work to notify the property owner. If you are the owner of an abandoned vineyard, you need to mitigate the pest risks that exist, including making properly timed pesticide applications, removing flowers and fruits, or pulling the entire vineyard. Please contact our office for information on mitigation options. The Agricultural Commissioner has the legal authority to declare such an abandoned and neglected vineyard a nuisance and can compel the abatement of the threat at the owner’s expense.

Click on the link below to send us an email notification of an abandoned vineyard and include as much information about the vineyard location as you can (street address or written description, nearby landmarks, etc.) and your contact information.


Email message to the Ag Commissioner's Office