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Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

Greg Clark, Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

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What is an approved source and why is it important?

State law only allows retail food facilities like restaurants and stores to utilize food from an "approved source”. The concept is simple: food that will be used to serve the public must be protected from contamination at all stages of the process, and the approval process allows officials to “trace back” a food product to its source if a health related problem occurs.


Approved Source Round Table Discussion Meeting

In November 2011, representatives from the Napa County Planning Department, Agricultural Commissioner's Office, and the Department of Environmental Management held a round table discussion to help answer questions like: Who needs to be an Approved Source and why?  How do I become an Approved Source? What is the application procedure and the cost? Do I get a certificate to show that my garden is “approved”? Are there opportunities to streamline our policies or procedures? Please refer to the documents listed below for a summary of the discussion.

Meeting Notes:

Questions, comments and suggestions captured at the round table discussion

A PDF of the PowerPoint presented at the round table discussion


Other Resources:

Local Food Policies Frequently Asked Questions, a Local Food Advisory Council Food Policy ad hoc subcommittee document