Welfare to Work (WTW)


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 Welfare-to-Work (WTW)

The Welfare-to-Work (WTW) Program is the employment and training aspect of the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids Program (CalWORKs). WTW is designed to enable participants to achieve self sufficiency through employment.

If you are a CalWORKs recipient and able-bodied, you must participate in WTW activities to continue to receive cash aid. The county will decide if you must participate in WTW.

If you are a Mandatory Participant, you must:
Keep appointments made by WTW
Not quit your job or lower your earnings
Attend and take part in your WTW assignment
Make satisfactory progress in your assignment and provide proof of your progress when required

WTW Participation Requirements:

You will be assigned to WTW activities for 20, 30, or 35 hours per week, every week. If you get a job and are not working for 20, 30, or 35 hours each week, you will be required to go to your job and participate in other WTW activities to make sure you are participating the required number of hours.
During your first meeting with your Employment Services Worker, you and your Employment Services Worker will review some of the following information:
Your rights and responsibilities as a participant. Click here for more information.
Discuss your ability to participate
Your work history and education
Need for supportive services such as child care and transportation
Other barriers that may be preventing you from locating or maintaining full time employment.