County Jail Supply and Exhaust Vent Replacement PW 13-12


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Napa County Department of Corrections Supply and Exhaust Vent Replacement Project, PW 13-12

Status: Evaluation/Review
Contact: Paul Wilkinson
Publish Date: 2013-03-07

This project includes the installation of all supply and exhaust vent covers in the Napa County Department of Corrections. A valid Security Clearance Form and a notarized Bid Period Non Disclosure Agreement (BPNDA) must be completed by the prospective bidder and received by the County prior to reviewing the Plans. Plans may only be seen by appointment as noted in the Notice to Contractors. This project is for B or C-20 license. Bids are currently being evaluated.

ContractorTotal Base Bid

Bell Products

Napa, CA


Sea Pac Engineering

Los Angeles, CA


Saboo Inc.

Rosemead, CA


Hometown Construction

Roseville, CA



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