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 Live Healthy Napa County (LHNC)

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2013 Community Health Assessment

2014-2017 Community Health Improvement Plan

Health Happens in Our Community

To develop a truly healthy community, health professionals, nonprofit agencies, the private sector and community members must all work together to:

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  • Define and prioritize issues affecting health and wellness.
  • Build upon and reinforce existing strengths, assets and relationships.
  • Set achievable goals to enhance the quality of life for everyone in Napa County.
Live Healthy Napa County (LHNC) is a unique public-private partnership bringing together, among others, representatives not just from health and healthcare organizations, but also business, public safety, education, government and the general public to build strategies to realize a shared vision of a healthier Napa County. 

LHNC aims to increase health and quality of life for all individuals, families, and communities in Napa County by moving away from a focus exclusively on sickness and disease to one based on prevention and wellness. Through the collaborative process, LHNC will gain support and commitment from stakeholders, leading to sustainable improvements in health in Napa County. 

The LHNC core support team includes representatives from: 

  • Kaiser Permanente   
  • Napa County Health & Human Services Agency  
  • Napa Valley Coalition of Nonprofit Agencies 
  • Queen of the Valley Medical Center 
  • St. Helena Hospital 

From July 2012 - April 2013, LHNC partners conducted four community assessments (listed below) and developed the final 2013 Napa County Comprehensive Community Health Assessment (145 pages)

  1. The Community Themes and Strengths Assessment will provide a deep understanding of the issues that local residents, business and neighborhood groups feel are important to the health of their neighborhoods and communities. 
  2. A Local Public Health System Assessment will assess the capacity and capability of the local public health system. 
  3. The Community Health Status Assessment will answer the question “How healthy are our residents?” 
  4. The Forces of Change Assessment will identify forces such as legislation, technology and other impending changes that will affect our health. 

Based on the findings of the assessments and additional input from community members and stakeholders, LHNC developed the 2014-2017 Community Health Improvement Plan including goals and short- and long-term strategies to achieve them. 

LHNC is a process where community members come together to articulate and understand the specific needs and challenges of their own community, define their own health priorities and goals, and determine solutions to achieve a healthier Napa County. 

Health starts long before illness: in our homes, schools and jobs. LHNC recognizes that making meaningful change that improves the health of individuals and communities requires the collective impact of a group of important actors from different sectors committed to a shared agenda. Only a comprehensive approach that considers the effects of social, environmental, and economic factors on health will create sustainable change. 

Community Health Assessments Prior to Formation of LHNC