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Electronic Document Retrieval Instructions


Planning, Building & Environmental Services uses the electronic document storage system OnBase to store records related to specific addresses/Assessor’s Parcel Numbers. This database may not contain all documents for a particular location and not all documents are printable from OnBase. If you do not find what you are looking for or have questions, please contact the Department Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at (707) 253-4417.  Please contact Napa County Public Works for questions related to the Local Oversight Program at (707) 253-4351.


There are two ways to search for records:

Hazardous Materials Releases and/or Documents

This search returns Unified Program documents (Hazardous Materials Business Plan, Hazardous Waste, Underground/Aboveground Storage Tanks, and CA Accidental Release Prevention Program). Unified Program information may also be found in the California Environmental Reporting System: http://cers.calepa.ca.gov/. The search also returns documents related to spills or releases of hazardous materials and closed Local Oversight Program (leaking underground storage tank) documents.


All Documents

This search returns all documents related to a specific location. It includes all documents found in Hazardous Materials Releases and/or Documents and documents related to land use, food, water, pools and spas, or sewage. The search can be customized to return documents related to specific programs.


Login Information
User Name= emd_public
Password= password


- Click on Planning, Building and Environmental Services under Document Type Groups (except when using Custom Queries).
- To see all documents on a given parcel enter parcel number in the appropriate field.

- To narrow your search, select a document type.

- Once the search criteria have been entered, click on the binoculars at the bottom of the page to begin your search.
- The returned documents are labeled with a keyword to identify the document type and year of creation. Double click on the desired document to retrieve it.

- To display records chronologically select Custom Queries under Document Retrieval (Upper left hand corner).


Accessing Tips
To ensure a search by street number and name enter only the street name followed by an asterisk (*). For example: Main*, Soscol*, Lincoln*, etc. Do not add the street type: Road, Ave., Lane etc.

CLICKHERE to access Hazardous Materials Releases and/or Documents pertaining to hazardous materials search by radius buffer.

CLICKHERE to access All Documents in our OnBase electronic document library.


You can not access documents if you are not using the following software types:

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HTML Web Client (Windows OS):
• Firefox: See Firefox Browser Support below
• Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 or 10 or greater
If you are using IE 10 or greater, OnBase must be opened in Compatibility View:

To open a website in Compatibility View in IE 10 or greater, please follow these steps:
a) Open IE 10 on the Desktop
b) Press the Alt Key on the Keyboard to enable Menu Bar, if Disabled
c) Click the Tools Tab on Menu Bar
d) Click Compatibility View Settings
e) Add the following website Addresses in the Add this website: Field [ countyofnapa.org ] and [ http://services.countyofnapa.org/OBEMDPublic/Login.aspx ] 

f) Click the Add Button
g) Uncheck any Checkboxes that may be checked 
h) Click the Close Button

Firefox Browser Support Information:
As of OnBase version 12, the HTML Web Client is supported on Mozilla Firefox version 10 Extended Support Release (ESR).
The HTML Web Client will not be supported on Firefox versions released between ESRs.
Users attempting to log on with an unsupported version of Firefox will be presented with the following message:
This version of Firefox is not supported. Please use Firefox 10 ESR. If you feel you have reached this message in error, please contact your system administrator for assistance.

To obtain the latest ESR installer, visit

This database may not contain all documents for a particular location. Documents related to land use, food, water, pools and spas, or sewage may be stored in other locations. Not all documents are printable from our electronic document database.