Annual State Device Administrative Fee


Annual State Device Administrative Fee

An annual state device administrative fee for every commercial weighing, measuring, and counting device registered in California shall be collected by each county office of weights and measures. The fees go towards the recovery of the Department's cost associated with providing supervision and oversight of county sealers. See the table below for a list of administrative fees collected annually. 

Commercial Device Type


Electric Sub-meter
Vapor Sub-meter
Water Sub-meter


CNG Meter
Fabric, Cordage, Wire Meter
Grease and Lube Meter
Retail Motor Fuel Dispenser
Retail Meter
Retail Water Meter
Tank (Liquid Test)
Taximeter Vehicle Meter
Wholesale Meter
Miscellaneous Measuring Device
Scales less than 2,000 pounds capacity


Liquefied Gas Meter
Scales 2,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds


 Scales greater than 10,000 pounds capacity


For more information please refer to the DMS Notice G-12-3