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 Scams and Alerts

Be on watch for the scams below!


Seniors warned of Medicare scam

Senior citizens are being warned about a phone scam that aims to capitalize on fraudulent Medicare.

View the Napa Register Article here


Phone Scam Targets Hispanics

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is alerting customers to be aware of a telephone scam demanding immediate payment for allegedly past due electricity bills. This scam appears to specifically target Hispanic business customers.

View the Napa Register Article here


Detecting Worker's Compensation Fraud

Mary Luros of the Napa Valley Register has written a great article about how to detect worker's compensation fraud. Check it out!

View the Napa Register Article here


District Attorney warns of MediCare scam

(NAPA, Calif.--) Several Napa County residents have reported a new telephone scam where individuals call local residents representing themselves as Medicare employees with your new Medicare Card. 

View the Napa County Media Release here


Scammers posing as National Do Not Call Registry

(OAKLAND, Calif.--) Better Business Bureau is warning that scammers are making phone calls posing as representatives of the National Do Not Call Registry. The calls claim to provide an opportunity to sign up for the registry or ask consumers to verify their info. The callers are really trying to solicit personal information, which opens victims up to identity fraud.

View the Napa Valley Register Article here


Don't fall for the Foreign Lottery "Winner" Scam

(NAPA, Calif.--) Recently a Napa resident received a letter from "Pinnacle Financial Services" notifying the resident they had won the "UK & North America Consumer Reward Promotion Draw." The Scammers stated this was organized for all customers of Wal-Mart, Sears, Home Depot, Safeway and ASDA. The winner was guaranteed a sum of $50,000 (Certified Check). Enclosed was a check for $3,100 for partial payment, intended to offset the Non-British Resident tax payment of $1,950. The letter directed the winner to contact a Claims Representative through a provided telephone number.

View the Napa County Media Release here


Assessor tells how to avoid government services fee scams

(NAPA, Calif.--) Property owners in Napa County are receiving solicitations from private companies offering to provide services for a substantial fee that the Napa County Assessor and Recorder Divisions provide for free or for minimal cost. “I am always distressed when private companies use questionable tactics to obtain fees from unsuspecting property owners,” said John Tuteur, Napa County Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk, "Residents should call our office before using any of these services, to ensure that they are not being charged for services that we would provide at no cost or at a low cost."

View the Napa County Media Release here