District Attorney Warns of MediCare Scam


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Gary Lieberstein
District Attorney

District Attorney warns of MediCare scam

(NAPA, Calif.--) Several Napa County residents have reported a new telephone scam where individuals call local residents representing themselves as Medicare employees with your new Medicare Card.  The individuals have heavy accents and try to secure your banking information.  The caller I.D. indicates the telephone number is (409) 574-1214; this is a Texas area code.

An inquiry by the District Attorney’s Office concerning this particular telephone number revealed hundreds of complaints which indicated the callers are Foreigners attempting to steal personal information for Identity Theft.  The callers in most cases know your name and address.  The caller may become argumentative and threaten to stop your Medicare benefits if you do not give your bank information.

Napa County residents are cautioned not to provide unknown callers personal information over the telephone.  If you receive a call from an unknown individual, you should hang up the telephone or if you have caller I.D. do not answer calls from this number.  In most cases, the individuals usually do not leave a message.

Telephone scammers are very difficult to track down; oftentimes the calls do not originate in the United States.  If you have become a victim of this scam and provided your personal banking information you should file a police report and contact your banking institution as soon as possible.

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