2015 Flood Preparedness Week


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Flood Preparedness Week 2015


Napa County is vulnerable to flooding.

BE AWARE, BE PREPARED Flood safety brochure cover

  • Know your risk and take action to reduce your risk.
  • Stay away from rising creeks, streams and rivers.
  • Don't drive through water on the roadway;
  • during floods, more people die in their vehicles than anywhere else.
  • Know how to leave the area quickly if you see water start to rise.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and know your evacuation routes.
  • Do not attempt to cross flowing water that may be more than six inches deep. If you have doubts, don't cross.
  • Have an emergency preparedness kit. (Visit our disaster preparedness page)
  • Choose a family meeting place and have a plan for how to communicate during an emergency.
  • If you live in a flood-prone area, consider buying flood insurance.
  • During threatening weather, listen to local radio or TV news channels for watch and warning bulletins:
  • Flood Watch means it is possible that flooding will occur in a specified area. Be alert and prepared for a flood emergency.
  • Flood Warning means flooding is occurring or is imminent in a specified area. Move to safe ground immediately.  

(Download the brochure as a pdf)

Get Napa County Flood Facts!

Napa County Flood Facts from CA DWR