Video Visitation Now Available at Napa County Department of Corrections


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Director Lenard Vare

The Napa County Jail plans to increase inmate visitation by mid-April 2014
through an advanced system using internet technology.

  • Similar to popular internet applications such as FaceTime and Skype
  • Provides the opportunity for family and friends to connect with inmates, regardless of distance
  • Visitors can conveniently schedule visits online at flexible times of the day and week.
  • Inmates will conduct visits directly from their housing units.
  • No movement of inmates = enhanced safety for inmates and staff.

Inmate visitation is a significant factor in strengthening inmate morale.

Director Lenard Vare says, “Evidence suggests inmates isolated from an external support system have

greater difficulty re-entering society upon release from custody. It is our expectation that the video visitation will

facilitate inmates in maintaining positive connections with their communities regardless of how far they are from home.”

Visitors who previously were limited by distance, transportation issues, and/or disability can have face-to-face

visits with inmates over the Internet, which will likely increase the total number of visits overall.


Video Visitation Brochures 

Video Visitation Brochure in English

Visitas Por Video Folleto en Espanol

How Video Visitation Works: