Partrick Road Repair - Feb 2014


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Repair of failed culvert on Partrick Road - west of Napa

In February 2014, a culvert that carries water underneath Partrick Road west of Napa collapsed. 

The culvert is about 2.2 miles west of Borrette Lane. If the road failed, property owners west of

the site would be trapped; Partrick at that point is one way in, one way out.


The problem

Partrick before

The culvert underneath Partrick Road carries runoff.

The corrugated metal pipe had rotted and collapsed,

threatening the stability and integrity of the roadway,

as well as increasing the potential for erosion and  

localized flooding of the roadway


The solution

Within a few days, Public Works had replaced the rotted 18" corrugated metal pipe underneath the road

with a 24" corrugated metal pipe and backfilled the space around the pipe with concrete slurry.


The result

Partrick after                      Partrick after 2

Intake (uphill) side: Concrete slurry holds the new

pipe in place and adds to the stability of the roadway.

Outflow (downhill) side: Large rocks provide

erosion control