Engineering Division Applications, Forms & Documents


Engineering Division Applications, Forms & Documents



Finding What You Want:

The Engineering Division has a number of applications, submittal forms and informational documents to help you with your building and development needs. If you can't find what your looking for using the links below, or not sure exactly what you need, Engineering Division staff is available to help. Staff is available for consultation and permitting services weekdays (excluding holidays) from 7:30 am to 4:15 pm. If you have questions about grading and flood plain applications; use the informational links provided, or feel free to contact us for assistance.



Available Documents:









Applications for Engineering


Supplemental forms depending upon Applications  


Useful information for submitting your project


Info to help you avoid common pitfalls    

Floodplain Management Permit Application     Project Guidance for Stromwater Quality Compliance   Construction Site Runoff Control Requirement Brochure      2016 Napa County Road and Street Standards
Grading Extension Application          Grading Extension Brochure   2013 CBC Appendix J - Grading
Grading Permit Application          Grading Permit Brochure   NCSPPP Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Guidance
        Standard Erosion Control BMPs Brochure   FEMA TB1-Openings in Foundation Walls
              FEMA TB2-Flood Resistant Material
             FEMA TB11-Crawlspace Construction
            FEMA Zone A - BFE Determination
            BASMAA Post-Construction Manual