Sgt. Michael Bartlett

Sheriff's Office

1535 Airport Blvd
Napa, California 94559

Trespassing at Milliken Creek


Trespassing a problem on Milliken Creek watershed

(NAPA, California) - Due to the extreme fire danger, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office will be issuing citations to those who trespass in the Milliken Creek watershed area.

           Citizens are currently trespassing in the Milliken Creek area watershed to hike to the falls. There is also evidence of littering, tagging and setting fires. These activities are dangerous and cause neighborhood blight. Also, citizens have been seen jumping from the rocks into the water below. Since medical access is limited in this area, and an injured person could only be accessed by helicopter, this activity is extremely dangerous. Traversing this area is also considered trespassing and is illegal.

           Please do not trespass in this area. Those caught trespassing will be issued a misdemeanor citation by the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.









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