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 Napa Makes CNN Top 10 Healthiest Places in the World!

On September 4, 2014 CNN announced Napa was among in the top 10 healthiest places across the world.  Napa was included in the top ten after an overwhelming response by community members from across Napa County to the CNN 10 Project video contest promoted by Live Healthy Napa County in July and August.  As of the deadline out of 145 total videos from across the US, 56 were from Napa County!  The videos were posted by a diverse cross-section of residents showing how Napa County inspires them to be healthy.  You can watch all the videos on the CNN 10 Project page and Live Healthy Napa County's YouTube Channel.

“The CNN 10 Project asked local residents to show how the place they lived inspires them to be healthy,” said Cara Mae Wooledge, Health Education Specialist for Napa County Public Health, “We are inspired in many passionate and creative ways to be healthy by Napa County, but obviously we still face many challenges.  Together we can turn inspiration into coordinated action to create measureable results in the health of our community.”

Find out how to take action to improve health with Live Healthy Napa County (LHNC):

Check Out the CNN Top 10 Healthiest Places!


 CNN Top 10 Healthiest Places to Live


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Does Napa County inpsire you to be healthy?

Then make a short video and help prove it by August 15, 2014!

Help Napa County prove it is the healthiest place to live in America by making and uploading a short video by Friday, August 15 to the CNN 10 Project showing how Napa County inspires YOU to be healthy.

A CNN committee will review the submissions and announce the winner in September.

See video examples here:

Video Instructions:

Be sure to hold your smart phone horizontally (long-ways) so it films wide screen format!

  1. Start the video with:
    “Hi my name is ___ and I live in Napa County.  Napa County inspires me to be healthy by …”
  2. Turn the camera/phone around to show the activity you’re talking about.  We want to see ACTION!  The more people in your video, the better.
  3. Go to CNN 10 Project at and upload the video.

When you make a video:

A CNN committee will review the submissions and announce the winner in September

  1. Originality and creativity of the video
  2. Description of the location’s inspiring qualitie
  3. Passion for health
  4. Number of entries from the location

 See more video examples here: