Fee Update


County Executive Office

Tran 2014

State law allows for government agencies to establish fees to recover the cost of providing services. Napa County has a long history of reviewing the fee schedules to reflect changes in operating efficiencies and revise or establish fees under a consistent methodology. The most recent comprehensive (countywide) studies were completed in 2003 and 2009.

In April 2015, the County contracted with MGT to perform the comprehensive fee analysis using the adopted 2015-2016 fiscal year budget, staffing and operational information.

 Phase 1 of the study is complete and included a review of fee-for service activities within the following departments: Agricultural Commissioner, Assessor, Recorder-County Clerk, Clerk of the Board, County Counsel, Fire Marshal, Housing and Intergovernmental Affairs, Public Works (Surveyor and Roads divisions) and Treasurer-Tax Collector. Click here to view the fee schedules.




A comprehensive review of all divisions of the Planning, Building, and Environmental Services (PBES) department is also underway and nearing completion. A separate report of findings of this department’s user fee analysis will be presented at a later date.

If a user fee primarily benefits the fee payer, the fee is typically set at, or close to 100% full cost recovery. Before creating a final recommendation, each fee was reviewed for legal restrictions, economic barriers, community benefits or other policy considerations that may result in a less than 100% cost recovery. In general, Napa County’s fees are proposed at a 100% recovery rate unless a legal restriction existed.