Napa Library Remodel Project, PW 15-17


Napa Library Remodel Project, PW 15-17

Status: Construction
Contact: Sonja El-Wakil
Publish Date: 2016-07-12

The work generally consists of, but is not limited to 200 sf building extension at the southeast end of the building, window replacement, equipment improvements with new automated materials handling conveyance machines, exterior electric door replacement, reconfigured interior walls, refinished carpet and paint, new railing at the main staircase, interior door replacement, new interior door access controls, patch and paint interior and exterior walls, new furnishings, new interior lighting, new and remodeled HVAC, relocate existing plumbing, new bathrooms for accessibility. The Napa Library is located 580 Coombs Street, Napa, California. Print, view, or download SW Allen subs. Print, view, or download Vila Construction subs. Print, view, or download S&H Construction subs. The Contract was awarded by the Board of Supervisors to SW Allen Construction Inc. of Sacramento, CA for their total Base Bid and the Add Alternate #1.

ContractorTotal Base Bid Add Al t#1
SW Allen Construction Inc. - Sacramento, CA    $2,423,538   $253,341
Vila Construction Co. - Richmond, CA$2,454,311   $262,710
S&H Construction, Inc. Fremont, CA$2,568,000   $269,000
F&H Construction - Lodi, CA$2,892,000   $257,000
Thompson Builders Corporation - Novato, CA$3,079,000   $249,800


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