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 Family Reunification

Family Reunification is a program that serves families in which children were removed due to neglect or abuse. The program goal is two-fold; case managers concurrently work alongside the family to address risk factors in order to return child(ren) to the family and concurrently develop plans to include adoption, guardianship or long-term foster care, if those reunification efforts are not successful.

Time limited family reunification services are designed to prevent or remedy neglect, abuse, or exploitation, while pursuing reunification of the family. Child Welfare Services offered at the Department of Social Services include: Case management, Independent Living Program, Pathways to Well Being, Visitation, Family Preservation services.

Outside referrals for services include: adult education, behavioral health services, domestic violence, drug treatment, employment training, individual and/or group therapy, housing services, and mental and medical services.

All families receiving Family Reunification services will have a case plan that addresses specific goals, as well as a concurrent plan for permanency should the parents fail to reunify with their child(ren).

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