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 Description of Child Welfare Services Programs

For general information about Child Welfare Services please call (707) 253-4744.
In case of an emergency, please call our Emergency Response Hotline at (707) 253-4261.

Emergency Response (ER)

Emergency Response provides 24-hour daily response to allegations of child abuse and neglect. Community members reporting abuse call our ER Hotline where a social work assesses each report and makes a determination on how to proceed by assessing the referral information and focusing on present and potential future risk to the child. An assessment tool assists the social worker to determine how to respond and what priority to assign that referral. If an investigation reveals a child is at risk of abuse or neglect, emergency response prevention services may be offered for a maximum of 30 days. Services include case management, counseling, emergency in-home caretaker, parenting training, teaching and demonstrating homemakers and transportation.

Dependency Investigations (DI)

Napa County’s DI program conducts investigations and assesses the need for dependency status for a child who is new to the system, and also evaluates and files petitions to change the dependency status of a child already in the system. The DI team supports the ER program once a child has been taken into custody, or, if an ER investigation suggests the need for further investigation, of the risk to a child who has not been taken into custody. The DI team also provides or coordinates all the assessment and services needed during hearings associated with these activities and performs all the court related work required to find or maintain jurisdiction over a child.

Ongoing Services - Family Reunification (FR) Family Maintenance (FM), and Permanent Planning

Ongoing Services are provided once a CWS case is transferred from the assessment Social Worker to a CWS Ongoing Social Worker. The goal of the ongoing Social Worker is to assist the family to complete the conditions of the court order/case plan to successfully reunify. Assistance includes supervision and case management services including oversight of out-of-home placement situations. The level of involvement, frequency of contact and types of services depend on the needs of the child and family, results of the family assessment and development of the case plan, the potential for further child maltreatment, what has been court ordered, and evaluation of progress toward goals. There may be referrals, as appropriate, to community-based services.

Family Preservation Services (FPS)

The FPS Program accepts referrals from CWS workers and Cal Works/Welfare to Work staff. The program's purpose is to work with families who are motivated and moving toward reunification with their children, or who (in the case of referrals from FM) are maintaining their children at home and can benefit from additional support to increase their chances of success. FP services are voluntary. FP Services are provided for a period of 3 to 6 months dependent on the number of children being referred and any unique circumstances. 


The Napa County Adoption Program, under Child Welfare Services (CWS), works to develop alternate plans for a permanent, loving family if children cannot reunify with their parents. The children placed for adoption through Napa County Adoption Program are children who entered the child welfare system due to safety concerns with their parents or guardians and they cannot safely return to their parents. As a result, there is a constant need for families who are willing to make a permanent commitment to a child or youth. Families who desire to adopt through the Napa County Adoption Program will need to complete the steps in becoming a Resource Family. The evaluation requirements and timeline for adoption approval can vary, but essentially it includes a thorough assessment of the family’s ability to provide the child a safe and stable home environment. This assessment includes interviews, medical clearances, background evaluations and training specific to adoption topics.

Katie A- Pathways to Well-Being

A Mental Health program under Napa County Child and Family Behavioral health that serves youth in foster care or juvenile probation.
Program Contact Information: 707-259-8167 MONDAY-FRIDAY, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Independent Living Program (ILP)

Napa County Child Welfare Services offers the Independent Living Program (ILP) to current and former foster youth. ILP focuses on helping youth gain the basic life skills and information needed to become successful self-sufficient adults. ILP provides mentoring and training to foster care youth who were in foster care during the age of 15 1/2 - 18. Youth ages 16 and over whom are in foster care, or were in foster care on or after their 16th birthday, are eligible for services up to the age of 21. Child Welfare Services provides ILP services to enable youth to achieve self-sufficiency prior to leaving the foster care system by providing independent living skills assessments, support training, services, and a written transitional independent living plan is designed for each participant to meet the goal of being self-sufficient.

Services include: 

  • Educational Planning
  • Career/Job Planning
  • Computer Training
  • Social Skills Training
  • Social Security Card, Birth Certificate and California ID Card Applications
  • Budgeting and Money Management
  • Banking Information
  • College Applications
  • Financial Aid Applications
  • Apartment Hunting
  • Tax Forms
  • Resumes
  • Job Training
  • Housing Assistance Program
  • Transitional Housing Program for emancipated youth (coming 2008)
  • Pregnant and Parenting Foster Youth Teens

    Napa County ILP is under the direction of Voices, a partnering agency in Napa County. For more information please visit their website:

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