Caldwell Vineyards


Caldwell Vineyards

A.   Total production capacity: Increase to 35,000 gallons per year
B. Custom production activities: Remove limitation of number of clients and custom crush wine
produced—Caldwell will monitor production each year to verify that total production does not exceed
the total production capacity; request additional allowed
activities for custom producers—on-­‐site retail wine sales, tours and tastings.
 C.   Cave: Request additional square footage for barrel storage, catering and food prep area,
additional tasting room; allow small auxiliary lab in existing space.
D. Retail sales, tours, and tasting: Request increase of visitation to 60 guests per day Modify by
appointment tasting hours to 10am – 6 pm on any day of the week. Custom crush producers with
visitation privileges shall not exceed the total daily visitation allowed for the winery and shall
be by appontment only.
E.    Employees: Request increase to 6 full-­‐time employees and 6 part-­‐time employees.
F. Picnic Area: Request use of picnic area to east of cave for consumption of wines by guests
according to AB 2004.
G.   Marketing plan: Request increase of Events, summarized below.

4.   MARKETING PLAN (Ref. Supplemental Application for Winery Uses page 10 of 22)
The following includes all marketing activities to be conducted by Caldwell.
A.   Tours and Tastings
Frequency:  daily,  Sunday  through Saturday     Maximum number of guests per day: 60 guests per
day Time of day: 10 am to 6 pm
B. Very Small Events Frequency: 12 per year
Maximum number of guests: 28 per event Time of day: 10 am to 10 pm
C. Small Events Frequency: 3 per year
Maximum number of guests: 68 per event Time of day: 10 am to 10 pm
D. Medium Events Frequency: 3 per year
Maximum number of guests: 100 per event Time of day: 10 am to 10 pm
E. Large Events Frequency: 1 per year
Maximum number of guests: 200
Time of day: 10 am to 10 pm

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Project Number:P17-00074
Project Class:Winery
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Address:270 Kreuzer Lane, Napa, 94558

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Wyntress Balcher
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Caldwell Vineyards Application
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