Napa County recognized for innovative corrections plan



Mary Butler

Napa County recognized for innovative corrections plan

Napa County recognized for innovative corrections plan

State association of counties lauds new and effective ways of providing service to residents


(NAPA, Calif.--) Napa County has earned a California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Merit Award for its Adult Correctional System Master Plan, CSAC announced yesterday. The Association, which represents all 58 of California’s counties, bestows annual Innovation, Challenge and Merit awards in four population categories. A total of 41 awards were presented to 17 counties this year, out of nearly 250 applications.

            The Adult Correctional System Master Plan is the result of collaboration among the County’s criminal justice, corrections, probation and health and human services agencies.

It is currently being implemented, and includes

  • the use of evidence-based, research-tested practices and programs proven to reduce recidivism, improve re-entry outcomes, increase public safety and ultimately reduce the number of  jail beds needed in the future;
  • the establishment of a quality assurance and outcome evaluation process that ensures that evidence-based practices are appropriately designed and implemented. and having the desired effect;
  • a commitment by all criminal justice partners to shared values on how the criminal justice system will operate and thus increase public safety; and   
  • the development of a collaborative working group that openly communicates and addresses issues that arise not just in the corrections area but in all functions of the criminal justice system.

            It is estimated that implementation of the ACSMP will result in the need for 103 fewer jail beds by 2025, compared to the number that would otherwise have been needed, saving the County millions in construction and operational costs and by reducing recidivism, lessen the cost of crime and increasing the safety of our residents.

            “The Board of Supervisors takes seriously the community’s expectation that we strive to be not only efficient and strategic in the way we provide services, but also effective. The Master Plan is a wonderful example of those principles at work, and I’m gratified that it has been held up by CSAC as a program worth emulating,” said Board Chair and District 3 Supervisor Diane Dillon.

            Napa County District Attorney Gary Lieberstein, a member of the committee that wrote and managed the plan, said, “We not only have to be tough on crime, but smart as well. Our plan represents an unprecedented collaboration among county agencies and individuals who believe an efficient and cost-effective system is one which focuses on protecting the public through a combination of preventive, interventional and custodial evidence-based practices.  An excellent example: Last week the Probation Department honored their second group of graduates from the Community Corrections Service Center, after providing the clients with intensive training and counseling designed to give them the best chance for being successful and productive in the future and less likely to return to the criminal justice system.  In this way, we all succeed.”

            According to CSAC, the Association’s long‐term objective is to significantly improve the fiscal health of all California counties so they can adequately meet the demand for vital public programs and services. CSAC also places a strong emphasis on educating the public about the value and need for county programs and services.