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Thank you for your interest in doing business with Napa County. Below is a list of the County’s current competitive purchasing opportunities. This list can be sorted by Title, Department or Due Date by clicking on the appropriate header. For more information regarding a specific opportunity, please use the contact e-mail link or phone number associated with each opportunity.

Competitive purchasing and bidding opportunities that have been awarded

All ongoing public works projects

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TitleDepartmentDue Date
RFP: American Canyon Landfill Flare Station Solar Energy Project, Project Number 17811
The Napa-Vallejo Waste Management Authority is requesting proposals for the American Canyon Landfill Flare Station Solar Energy Project, Project Number 17811. The work consists of financing, designing and installing a complete solar photovoltaic system, including wiring, mounting, hardware, inverters, solar panels, ground systems and meter interconnection. Proposers must possess a Class A, B, C-10, or C-46 contractors license. All questions must be submitted in writing only. December 21 Mandatory Sign in sheet is now available. Addendum 1 changes the due date. Addendum 2 has been added.
Napa-Vallejo Waste Management Authority
RFQ: Conflict Public Defender Services
Napa County (“County”) is requesting the submittal of statements of qualification from attorneys or law firms who are interested in filling two available openings requiring qualifications for provision of general and complex criminal legal defense services as a Conflict Public Defender (“CPD”). This RFQ seeks to fill two CPD positions to commence on May 1, 2017, or at some other time as the services may be needed (in which case an addendum to the RFQ may be issued). It is generally contemplated that the workload of each CPD will require devoting CPD services of roughly one-half of the professional time available to a full time criminal defense attorney, but it could be a greater portion of time if serious felonies (defined in the CPD contract as Class 1 or Class 2 cases) are assigned to a CPD which case additional compensation is paid). In consideration of that time commitment, each CPD receives a stated monthly amount of base compensation base rate of compensation (the “Base Compensation”) for the position will be $9,051.68 per month as of May 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. That Base Compensation is subject to adjustment once each fiscal year as of July 1, based generally on the Bay Area Consumer Price Index but with an increase each yea least 2.5 percent and no more than 5 percent. Please note that the CPD contract not allow compensation for the expense of traveling between the CPD’s office Napa, California. Additionally, the CPD contract will include the right to receive additional compensation for the defense of Class I and Class II cases (as defined in the contract), up to $3,500 per month for Class I and up to $2,500 per month for Class II case subject to stated maximums in any 18-month period for each such case. The CPD contract will have an initial term from May 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018. The terms of the contracts will then automatically renew for a full fiscal year (July 1 through June 30 of the next year) at the end of the initial term and at the end of fiscal year thereafter unless notice of non-renewal is given or unless the contract previously terminated under its terms. Requests for Qualification are due no later than 4:30 p.m., on the Due Date listed above.
County Executive Office
Helene Franchi
(707) 253-4820
RFQ: Contractor Prequalification for Napa County Historical Courthouse Repairs, PW 15-09
Napa County has determined that all Prime Contractors and subcontractors listed in Table A in the packet must be Prequalified to bid on the Historical Courthouse Repairs, PW 15-09. The preliminary estimate is $12,000,000. All questions must be submitted in writing. Prequalifications are currently being evaluated.
Public Works
John Vicencio
RFQ: Edgerly Island & Ingersoll Tract Flood Study
The Napa River Reclamation District (NRRD) is partnering with the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (NCFCWCD) to request Qualification Statements from consultants regarding preparation of an analysis of current and future flooding impacts and recommended projects for the homes along Milton Road on Edgerly Island and Ingersoll Tract. RFQ's are still being evaluated.
Flood Control
Andrew Butler

RFP: Facilitation for the Napa County Board of Supervisors Strategic Planning Retreat
Napa County (County) seeks proposals from qualified consultants for the purpose of facilitation for the Napa County Board of Supervisors strategic planning process and 2017 annual retreat. A detailed outline of the work to be provided is described in Section B below. Addendum 1 added 10/3/2016
County Executive Office
Bret Prebula
(707) 253-4826
RFP: PBES Scanning Project RFP Number PBES 111501
The County of Napa Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department (“County”) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants and/or firms for a scanning project which includes document preparation (removal of staples and clips, etc.), scanning and indexing/release into the Department’s electronic document management system. The proposal shall include collection, scanning, indexing and secure storage of department paper files for a determined amount of time, with the expectation that upon directive by the County, the documents will ultimately be destroyed via shredding. The selected firm shall provide a complete chain of custody report and a Certificate of Destruction certifying and witnessing as to the verity and date of said destruction, wherein documents are rendered unreadable, indecipherable and otherwise cannot be reconstructed. Questions due by 5:00 p.m., on November 13, 2015. Answers to questions will be published (in the RFP document) November 18, 2015. Responses due by 5:00 p.m. on Due Date. Note: See document for addendum 1 & 2.
Planning, Building and Environmental Services
Barb Ruffino
(707) 253-4417
RFP: Property Tax Printing and Mailing Services
Document updated as of 12/19 - The Napa County Treasurer-Tax Collector hereinafter referred to as "TTC" is issuing this RFP to solicit proposals from qualified firms for property tax printing and mailing services. Please refer to the document for the answers to the submitted questions.
Treasurer Tax-Collector
Lisa Soder
(707) 253-4329
RFP: Retirement Plan Record Keeping Services
Napa County, California sponsors a retirement program including a 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan, a 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan, an OBRA Plan, and an Alternate Payee Retirement Plan. The County, through its Deferred Compensation Board of Control, is now soliciting proposals from qualified firms to provide retirement plan administration, record keeping, education, communications, investment-related, and other related services for the Plans. The link is the RFP along with two attachments and supporting documents.
Auditor Controller
Vincent Galindo

RFQ: RFQ for Design and Engineering Services
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking statements of qualifications ("SOQs") for qualified architectural or engineering firms interested in providing design and engineering services required for the Napa County Maintenance Yard at Yountville Fuel Dispenser Replacement Project. Request for Statements of Qualifications are currently being evaluated.
Public Works
Dixon Haun
RFQ: RFQ for On Call Engineering Support Services
The Napa County Department of Public Works requests statements of qualifications from qualified firms to provide On Call engineering support services, including staff augmentation for various County projects and for County sites damaged in the 2017 Storm event. Such sites may include roads, landslides, minor structures, drainage systems, water/wastewater systems, etc. Email questions, no telephone calls.
Public Works
Mallika Ramachandran
RFQ: RFQ Inspection/Construction Management and Associated Services for the Napa County Reentry Facility Project
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking statements of qualifications (SOQ's) from qualified firms or teams of firms interested in providing Inspection/Construction Management and Associated Services for the Reentry Facility Project. Q & A for the RFQ has been posted. All questions must be submitted in writing. Statement of Qualifications are currently being evaluated.
Public Works
Juan Arias
RFQ: RFQ/Pricing: Security Services
Napa County is seeking submittals from qualified professional firms and individuals experienced in providing security services for office and industrial locations. Questions must be submitted in writing.
Public Works
Liz Habkirk
(707) 259-8321
RFP: Vine Trail Maintenance Services
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking a qualified vendor to provide regular maintenance services on the County's 3.2-mile section of the Napa Valley Vine Trail between Napa and Yountville. During the effective period of this contract, additional sections of the Vine trail may be constructed, and maintenance services will be added under this contract for additional compensation proportional by length. Addendum 1 has been added.
Public Works
Rick Marshall
RFP: Whole Person Care Program Evaluator RFP - HHSA 020
This Request for Proposals (RFP) is to identify a third-party consultant to provide evaluation services for the Whole Person Care Pilot. Addendums 1 and 2 have been added to this RFP. The original due date has changed. Napa County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) has been awarded funding for a Whole Person Care (WPC) Pilot from the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). Through the WPC Pilot, HHSA will connect chronically homeless or at risk residents to housing, medical care, case management, and other supportive services designed to improve their health outcomes, end their homelessness, and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency service utilization. The WPC Pilot will also support the County’s broader efforts to integrate different elements of the homeless service delivery system to ensure coordinated care, to maximize efficiency, and to better target and prioritize resources. Proposal due on the Due Date listed above by 5:00 p.m.
Health and Human Service Agency
Sandra Moize