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Thank you for your interest in doing business with Napa County. Below is a list of the County’s current competitive purchasing opportunities. This list can be sorted by Title, Department or Due Date by clicking on the appropriate header. For more information regarding a specific opportunity, please use the contact e-mail link or phone number associated with each opportunity.

Competitive purchasing opportunities that have been awarded

All ongoing public works projects

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Contractor prequalification package for construction projects over $1 million

TitleDepartmentDue Date
IFB: 650 Imperial Way Building Window Replacement and Exterior Painting Project, PW 13-04
NEW on April 14: Addendum #2 added. Mandatory pre-bid site visit on March 31.
Public Works
German Sierra

IFB: LB 14-01 Notice Inviting Bids Wastewater Storage and Disposal Expansion
NEW on March 18: Addendum #1 added, changing date of mandatory pre-bid walk-through meeting to Wednesday, March 26. Representatives of the District and the Design Engineer will discuss the Contract Documents, bid submission requirements, site constraints, order of work and other items specific to this Project.
Public Works
Dave Anderson

IFB: White Sulphur Springs Road Flood Repairs RDS 06-21
The project includes demolition of the existing failed retaining wall, including removal of sections of the wall that has fallen into Sulphur Creek, and construction of a new reinforced concrete retaining wall with cast in drilled hole concrete piles, surface and subsurface drainage system, riparian restoration, and all other associated work. Mandatory prebid site visit on April 17.
Public Works
Anthony Morales