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Assembly Bill 1150 (2005-2006 session) creates Government Code section 26744.5 that increases fees the Sheriff charges to enforce a civil bench warrant for any person failing to appear pursuant to a subpoena or court order. This fee increase will take effect on January 01, 2006. All bench warrants issued after December 31, 2005 will require a one hundred and five dollar ($105.00) check made payable to the Napa County Sheriff. In addition, there is a four hundred and fifty dollar ($450.00) deposit that is required. Please see below for a breakdown of the new fees:

  • CIVIL BENCH WARRANT (FTA on Subpoena or Court Order)
  • Receive and Process Civil Warrant-$105
  • Cancel the Service of the Warrant-$28
  • Sheriff Unable to Locate Person After Due Diligence-$60
  • Arrest-Shall include Arrest and release on Promise to Appear-$75