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Syar Napa Quarry Project


 Consideration of the Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR) and associated Surface Mining Permit (SMP) for the proposed expansion and increase in annual production level of Syar Napa Quarry, by the Napa County Planning Commission, is pending future notification to a special evening meeting.  


 In response to concerns raised at public hearings on this project held earlier this year (see hearing history below) Syar has made the following modifications to the proposed project that is described in the Syar Napa Quarry Draft EIR  



  • A reduction of the proposed annual production level down to 1.3 million tons per year consistent with the Reduced Production Alternative as identified in the Draft EIR. 


  • An approximate 4.5-acre reduction in the size of the expansion area in the Pasini Parcel to provide a 100 foot setback from the northern property line an approximate 11-acre reduction in the size of the expansion area located northeast of the State Blue Pit to preserve existing established trials located therein. 


  • Develop a License Agreement with the County to allow all the existing established trails currently a located on Syar holdings to remain in place and to allow continued public access.  


  • Clarification of Mitigation Measure 4.11-1 to apply the mitigation to both expansion areas, and limit clearing of topsoil and overburden to the hours of operation stated in Section 3.5.7 of the Draft EIR.  


  • Limit blasting to the hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays, with no blasting on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays, and within 400 feet of the property line, and where such activities are visible from the trails in Skyline Wilderness Park, limit topsoil and overburden removal activities to the hours of 7:00 am to noon on weekdays, with no such activities on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. 


  • Plant oak trees in the setback of the Pasini expansion area within the first two years of the permit term. 


  • Provide 48 hour notice of blasting via a website and provide 48 hour email notice to anyone who requests to receive an email notice. 


  • Suspend blasting when sustained wind speeds at the quarry exceed 20 miles per hour. 


 Also see the Syar Project Modification Letter Dated March 17, 2015 in the documents list below for additional details and maps showing the described reduction areas. 


 Environmental Review Status: Napa County has completed a Final EIR analyzing the potential environmental impacts of the Syar Napa Quarry Expansion project.  The analysis in the EIR considered an approximate 124-acre expansion of the surface mining and reclamation plan and an increase in processing and sales of aggregate and aggregate related materials from approximately 1 million tons per year (tpy) up to approximately 2 million tpy.  


 Prior to taking an action on the proposed SMP for the Syar Napa Quarry Expansion Project, the Planning Commission is required to review and consider the Final EIR and to certify that the Final EIR has been prepared in compliance with CEQA, the State CEQA Guidelines, and the County's Local Procedures for Implementing CEQA. The Planning Commission will consider action on the SMP following certification of the Final EIR.  Public hearings to consider Certification of the Final EIR are pending future notification to a special evening meeting.  


 Project Location: The Syar Napa Quarry project site is located on the east side of State Highway 221 at its intersection with Basalt Road which is between Kaiser Road and Streablo Drive. 


 Public Hearing History: On January 7, 2015, a public hearing was conducted by the Planning Commission to consider the Final EIR and associated Surface Mining Permit. The item was continued to the February 18, 2015 hearing, and at the request of staff, the item was continued to the April 1, 2015 hearing to allow staff additional time to evaluate and respond to comments received on the project and address staff direction provided by the Commission. At the April 1st hearing the item was dropped from the agenda so it can be re-noticed to a future special evening meeting.  Copies of the staff reports, related documents, and videos of the referenced hearings can be accessed at  


 Project Related Documents and Notification: Various documents related to this project are provided below. Many of these documents are large files. If you have difficulty downloading any of the documents listed, a CD of the information can be requested by visiting our public counter or contacting Don Barrella (707) 299-1338 or or Brian Bordona (707) 259-5935 or directly to request documents and related information.  To be placed on the notification list for this project, please email your request to Don Barrella. 

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Parcel:045-360-005, 046-370-012, -013, -015, -022, -025, 046-390-002, -003, and 046-450-071
Address:Napa Vallejo Highway (State Rt. 221) 2301, Napa, 94558

Contact Information

Donald Barrella
(707) 299-1338
Project Events
Project Events

Project Documents
Project Documents
Syar Quarry Project Modification Letter March 17, 2015
Syar Quarry Public Correspondence March 23 to June 2, 2015
Syar Quarry Presentation January 7, 2015; Planning Commission Hearing
VonRosenberg Presentation January 7, 2015; Planning Commission Hearing
Booth Presentation February 18, 2015; Planning Commission Hearing
Syar Quarry Public Correspondence February 18 to March 23, 2015
Public Correspondence 12-16-14 to 12-27-14
Public Correspondence 1-5-15 to 2-9-15
Public Correspondence 2-10-15 to 2-18-15
Syar Correspondence 1-7-15
Petition 1 hand 2-17-15
Petition 2 hand 2-17-15
Petition OnLine Comments 2-17-15
Petition OnLine Signatures 2-17-15
Syar Proposed Modifications 2-13-15
Syar Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan rev 9-20-12
Final Syar EIR - Nov 2014
Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program Syar - Nov 2014
Draft Syar EIR Volume 1 Complete- August 2013
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Complete (Appendices) August 2013 (2000+ pages)
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix A NOP and Initial Study
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix B NOP Comments Summ Letters Response NOP
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix C Biological Studies
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix D CalEEMod Excerpt
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix E Electronic Data Resources Study
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix F Aesthetics Study
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix G Traffic Impact Study
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix H Mining and Reclmation Plan Appendices
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix I Air Quality Health Risk Assessment
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix J Surface Subsurface Hydro Report
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix K Water Supply Assessment

Project Archive Documents
Project Archive Documents
Planning Commission January 7, 2015 Syar Public Hearing Notice
Planning Commission December 3, 2014 Public Hearing Notice
Notice of Review Extension Draft EIR Aug 2013 Syar Napa Quarry
Syar EIR Notice of Availability August 2013
Syar Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan Figure 3F 3-6-2012
Geotech Report Syar Napa Quarry 3-25-08 wo Appendicies
Geotech Report Syar Napa Quary Plate2 3-25-08
Prelimary Geotech Review Pasini Property Syar Quarry 11-3-08
Syar Napa Quarry Notice of Preparation and Initial Study
Syar Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan 1-26-09
Syar Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan Figure 3F 1-29-09

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